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Power of Yoga

The benefits of Traditional yoga

A certified US Yoga Alliance Teacher, Jimmy Ji's true journey began 10 years ago when he decided to live abroad and change completely the way he was living.

After many years of travelling, attending different classes, retreats and courses, Jimmy Ji studied Ayurveda and found himself in Hatha Yoga, in Bali.

He completed a Traditional Balinese Yoga Certification (Yoga Watukaru at Balitrees Tabanan, accredited by the oldest Spiritual Ashram in the world the Perguruan Seruling Dewata).

AIso inspired by NLP (Neuro Program Linguistic), Jimmy Ji completed his International Yoga Teacher Training at the Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training Center in India, Capital of yoga.

Practicing mindfulness and non duality have influenced the way he decided to teach yoga: focusing not only on the physical body, but also the mind and our daily patterns.

His teaching style is inspiring and fun.

He is also a qualified first aider and life support in Emotional Blockages.

Meet Jimmy Ji


"What we think, we become"


At home / At work

Stamina & Energy pushes you to dive deeper into your practice.

The focus is on repetition and pranayama (life force) with a special connection to your emotions.

This is a dynamic class for beginners but also athletes who need a connection to something ‘more’.

Force & Release

Inspired by Ashtanga and Vinyasa style (strength and focus) this module is a popular request from male but also female students who are looking for challenges.

Redefine your body image and get your power back!

Private Yoga (or small group)

It is a life changing experience.

Inspiring class with adapted alignement, restorative postures and breathing techniques to make a change in your personal practice.

Also ideally to get prepared for a challenging day or interview.

What your body is trying to tell you?